Mexico Energy Working Group (Grupo de Trabajo de Energía de Mexico)


Eduardo Corzo
Haynes and Boone, S.C.


With the open markets developing from the Mexico Energy Reform, the International Energy Credit Association (IECA) has decided to form a new working group for Mexico, which will be called the IECA Mexico Energy Working Group and, in Spanish, the IECA Grupo de Trabajo de Energía de Mexico (Mexico Working Group).

Building on the successful model established by the IECA’s Dodd-Frank Working Group in the US and the IECA’s Canadian Derivatives Working Group in Canada, this Mexico Working Group will look for opportunities to create an educational environment for domestic and foreign energy industry companies and individual professionals doing business in Mexico.  The Mexico Working Group will seek to develop a knowledge base comparable to IECA’s mission in the US and Canada regarding the energy market features that different energy market participants require for viable and enforceable physical and financial commodity transactions for the Mexican energy markets.

For more information about the Mexico Energy Working Group or to be added to the group's monthly calls, please contact Eduardo Corzo or Victor Ureta.