Why Volunteer

Are you thinking about getting involved? Now is a better time than any! Here is how volunteering benefits you!

Top Three Reasons to Get Involved:

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Volunteering strengthens all aspects of your professional career!

Thanks to the efforts of its volunteers, IECA is able to continuously provide resources to support and educate the industry.


IECA has a variety of opportunities to get involved. Depending on your interests, IECA has a spot for you!

Types of projects

IECA Volunteers are making a REAL and LASTING impact on the Association and Industry!

160 members volunteer

Volunteer satisfaction

Still need convincing? Volunteering benefits you in more ways than one. Volunteering can help you advance your career, network with other like-minded professionals, and can help the association create additional programs and opportunities for you, the member! 

Contact us for more information and help to decide which volunteer opportunity is right for you!