Canadian Regional Education Committee


Kathy de Chantal
MEG Energy Corp.
Will Christensen
South Bow

The Canadian Regional Education Committee ("CREC") is a volunteer group including a Chair, Vice-Chair and Board liaison that takes a larger roll in establishing initiatives and responsibilities for the Canadian Group throughout the year and works closely with the Executive Committee and Regional Executive Vice President to carry-through yearly goals.


The Canadian Regional Education Committee promotes education and the understanding of credit risk management in relation to energy transactions in Canada including any planning for conferences, seminars, etc.

Canadian Regional Education Committee Annual Projects/Responsibilities: 

Monthly Meetings to go over initiatives and plan events moving forward throughout the year

  • Publicize group to IECA Membership
  • Establish annual schedule of events
  • Coordinate all conference calls and or meetings
  • Coordinate events and activities with the EVP of North America
  • Create meeting agendas, record meeting minutes, and maintain posting of such on an ongoing basis

    Delivery of educational content may include but is not limited to the following:
  • IECA Conference sessions
  • Networking opportunities and events
  • Finding speakers, conference topics and networking events to enhance conference program

Committee Roles 2022 - 2023



Kevin Sullivan

Vice Chair

Kathy de Chantal


Alejandro Velasquez


Kathryn Kenny

Communications Lead

Franco Negri

Sponsorship Lead

Will Christensen

Registration Lead

Matthew Boudreau

Stampede Event Coordinator

Kathy de Chantal

Prize Committee (2-3 people)

Ender Cheung, Robin Kampel, Ashley Smith

Networking Event Committee

  Golf - Kevin Sullivan



Other Activities - Jenann Jessop