Privacy Policy

IECA respects the privacy of its members and other visitors to its Web site. IECA will make every reasonable effort to ensure that any personal information a member provides to us is used only for the purposes stated below. To protect online privacy, IECA has implemented the following policy.

NOTE: While the policy presented here concentrates on information collected by the IECA website, it also applies to personal information submitted by other means (mail, fax, phone, registration forms, and so on).



IECA does not collect any personal information from users browsing its Web site. Only aggregate data -- such as the number of hits per page -- are collected. Aggregate data are only used for internal and marketing purposes and do not provide any personally identifying information. We use aggregate data from the web logs to determine how the site’s resources are being used and to refine its navigational structure. If the need arises, we may use the logs to trace the source of abusive or illicit activity. We do not share our web logs with any outside party.


To gain access to members-only resources and personalization features on, members and other users are asked to register and provide some limited information. This information is submitted voluntarily. IECA asks users to provide their name, organization name, business phone, and e-mail. Similar information may be submitted to IECA through membership applications, conference or seminar registrations. 

IECA members can update their contact information through the members-only section of the IECA website, This information is not sold or distributed in any other manner.


IECA uses information voluntarily submitted by members and other customers in the following ways:


Generally, IECA and its direct subsidiaries use data collected to improve its own web content; to respond to visitors’ interests, needs and preferences; and to develop new products and services. Most data IECA collects are used only to help us better serve our members. It is our general policy to collect and store only personal information that our members and visitors knowingly provide. If our privacy policies change, we will notify all users by e-mail or a special announcement placed on the Web site. IECA uses the demographic and professional information collected on membership, conference, and other forms for aggregate analysis, to personalize our member records for better service, and to create targeted mailing lists. This information is also included in conference attendee lists supplied to convention exhibitors and other responsible third parties. In addition to the primary purpose stated or implied at the time the information is collected, we may use your postal mailing address to send you information about IECA programs or products, surveys, etc. We provide our conference attendee data (including e-mail address, if supplied) to conference exhibitors and make it available to others. We also make our member data available to companies offering IECA member benefits and to other responsible third parties.

If a member supplies an e-mail address, we use it to confirm his/her order, follow up on a request, etc., as the context determines. We may also use it to keep the member informed about IECA programs and initiatives. On occasion we may use e-mail addresses for a purpose indirectly related to the original context (e.g., e-mailing a member satisfaction survey to those who have conducted an online transaction.)


The IECA generally makes member names, titles, companies, and contact information available to other members. On occasion, IECA may also provide limited data to third parties that offer products and services. These limited data include names, job titles, companies and business addresses, but do not include business phone numbers, business fax numbers or e-mail addresses. Users may request IECA refrain from disclosing the data it collects to third parties on the membership application form, conference registration form or any other form on which they are providing information; an opt-out box will appear on each form on which a user provides information. Alternatively, users may contact IECA at to express their preferences if they determine later that they do not wish to have the information shared.


IECA does not disclose credit card account information provided by its members and customers. When members and customers choose to pay using their credit cards, IECA submits the information needed to obtain payment to the appropriate clearinghouse.


Cookies are files that contain information created by a web server that can be stored on a User’s hard disk for use either during a particular session ("per-session" cookie) or for future use ("persistent" cookie). IECA uses cookies only to facilitate automated activity, store and track passwords, determine appropriate solicitations, and review navigation patterns. Cookies are not used to disseminate significant information about Users over the Internet or to analyze any information that Users have knowingly or unknowingly provided.


The IECA website contains links to other websites. IECA has no control over and is not responsible for the privacy policies or content of such sites. Members are encouraged to check the privacy policy of a website before revealing any personal information.


In certain circumstances, and as an exception to this privacy policy, we may, without notice to our members, release information to comply with any valid legal process such as a search warrant, subpoena, statute or court order, or in other special cases, such as, for example, suspected fraudulent or criminal activity, or an attempt to breach the security of IECA or its website.


IECA has tried to create a privacy policy that is comprehensive, readable, and durable.
Despite our best efforts, we may find it necessary to revise it. Any changes will be made without prior notice. The current IECA privacy policy will continue to be posted at this address ( If you have questions or comments about our privacy policy, please contact us at

If any User suspects IECA has handled its personal information in a manner that does not comply with this privacy statement, please contact us by e-mailing to