Working Groups

To explore specific industry issues in-depth, the IECA has several working groups following and digesting key developments and providing regular updates to members.

Current working groups include the Mexico Working Group, Canadian Derivatives Regulatory Working Group, Contract Provision Review Working Group, Dodd-Frank Working Group, Alberta Capacity Market Working Group, and Bankruptcy and Creditor's Rights Working Group. If you are interested in joining or learning more about a specific working group, please contact us.

Bankruptcy and Creditor's Rights Working Group 

Chair: Mickey Etkin, Lowenstein Sandler LLP

The Bankruptcy and Creditor's Rights (BCR) Working Group now holds regularly scheduled calls to discuss recent events and topics of general interest along with addressing questions forwarded to the dedicated e-mail address. Read more...

Canadian Derivatives Regulatory Working Group 

Chair: Mark Powell,  Bennett Jones LLP

As the Canadian securities regulators rulemaking process continue to progress to the proposing of new model provincial rules to regulate over-the-counter ("OTC") derivatives and these model provincial rules become finalized by the different Canadian provinces pursuant to their individual provincial legislative authority, this IECA Canadian Derivatives Regulatory Working Group intends to raise the common concerns relating to these new proposed rules that could significantly impact the IECA membership to Canadian securities regulators. Read more...

Contract Provision Review Working Group

Co-Chair: Nicole Russell, Trading Counsel Solutions
Co-Chair: Christie Degard, Trading Counsel Solutions

The Contract Provision Review (CPR) Working Group holds regularly scheduled calls to review and discuss the pros and cons of certain contract provisions identified by members.  Many CLEG members routinely work on contracts with limited ability to benchmark their reviews with others.  To promote coordination and collaboration among industry professionals, the CPR Working Group hopes to create a diverse team of contract and legal personnel that can contribute to an ongoing discussion that offers a full spectrum of views on provisions reviewed by the group. Read more...

Commodity Regulatory Working Group (Formerly the Dodd-Frank Working Group)

Chair: Phil Lookadoo, Haynes and Boone LLP

As the Dodd-Frank Act rulemaking process has entered a phase of modifying some of its existing rules and interpretations, the role of the IECA’s Dodd-Frank Working Group (DFWG), chaired by Phil Lookadoo of Haynes and Boone LLP, has become potentially more relevant to the regulators and to IECA members than ever before.   Since the inception of the DFWG, the group has filed a number of comment letters and petitions with the CFTC regarding issues that are of significant impact to the IECA membership. Read more...

Mexico Energy Working Group (Grupo de Trabajo de Energía de Mexico)

Co-Chair: Eduardo Corzo, Haynes and Boone LLP
Co-Chair: Victor Ureta, Evergo Consulting LLC

With the open markets developing from the Mexico Energy Reform, the International Energy Credit Association (IECA) has decided to form a new working group for Mexico, which will be called the IECA Mexico Energy Working Group and, in Spanish, the IECA Grupo de Trabajo de Energía de Mexico (Mexico Working Group).The Mexico Working Group will seek to develop a knowledge base comparable to IECA’s mission in the US and Canada regarding the energy market features that different energy market participants require for viable and enforceable physical and financial commodity transactions for the Mexican energy markets. Read more...

Know Your Customer (KYC) Working Group

Co-Chair: Phil Lookadoo, Haynes and Boone, LLP
Co-Chair: Victor Ureta, Acclaim Energy Advisors

The KYC ("Know Your Customer") working group started in June of 2018 with the objective of providing the IECA members a guide on best practices, changing industry standards, and one or more checklists of the multiple issues to be considered when performing a company’s KYC and Customer Onboarding processes. Read More..

Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) Working Group

Chair: Eric Twombly, Golden Pass LNG

Current Expected Credit Loss (“CECL”) will materially change the role of the credit function for companies within the energy industry.  CECL encompasses a forward-looking view of potential credit losses rather than specific provisions and tallying realized collection losses under the old model.  The estimation of credit risk exposure under a CECL model will now directly impact each period’s financial results. Auditors will increasingly scrutinize how credit risk is estimated and attributed to financial results under CECL models.  Senior managers will be much more likely to be involved in credit risk management.

In order to prepare for this sea change in credit risk estimation and management, the IECA is forming a working group to discuss the issues surrounding CECL, including but not limited to: calculation methodology, models and financial result attribution, accounting policies and documentation, audit support, internal management reporting and changes in stakeholder management more generally. Read More...

Contract Administration Working Group 

Co-Chair: Alayna Jarvis, Talen Energy
Co-Chair: Teri Brown, Tenaska

The NEW IECA Contract Administration Working Group provides information via monthly calls to discuss workflow and professional development topics unique to Contract Administration along with opportunities to network with other Contract Administrators. Read More...