IECA Webinar: Calling on Collateral – The How-to’s and What-to-Do’s

Presented by the Developing Energy Professionals Education Group (DEPG)
October 6, 2020
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Daniel Pesikoff
Patrick Vogelei

In the world of credit, the possibility of having to draw on a letter of credit is ever-present. Does a letter of credit protect you if you do not know how to draw on it? How can you prepare for this scenario? This session will walk through the How To’s of drawing on a letter of credit and calling on collateral and the What-To-Do’s before the need arises.

Learning Objective: Attendees will learn best practices and vital information for understanding how to call on collateral and drawn on a letter of credit, while learning to prepare their firms for a default and the steps needed to act quickly in the event there must be a draw on a letter of credit.

 Daniel Pesikoff, Calpine Corporation 
Patrick Vogelei, Exelon

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