Closing Breakfast Session: Primer on Carbon Credits (I/A)


110 9th Ave SE
Calgary AB T2G 5A6

June 7, 2023
Phil Lookadoo
Mark Powell
Tom McInerney
Amy Zell

 An informative session conducted by industry specialists who will provide an understanding of the difference between the compliance (i.e., mandatory) and voluntary carbon markets globally, define common acronyms referenced in company disclosures and contracts, discuss jurisdictional policy initiatives like (i) the Canadian Net-Zero Emissions Accountability Act, (ii) Clean Energy Tax Credits under the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act, and what these mean for Canadian and US energy companies.  Lastly, the panelists will discuss the credit risks associated with the products available in this market, which includes reversal risk of offset validations, change in law, registry-related risks, and development of contractual standards. This will be a thorough and educational session, not to be missed if carbon credits are in your current or future purview.