Professionals for Diversity and Inclusion Group (PDIG)

The IECA Professionals for Diversity and Inclusion Group (PDIG) can be joined by ANY IECA member to stay in-touch with PDIG initiatives, events, calls, and upcoming opportunities.  The PDIG Committee is a volunteer group including a Chair, Vice-Chair and Board liaison that takes a larger roll in establishing initiatives and responsibilities for PDIG throughout the year.

PDIG is a diverse group comprised of energy professionals from different backgrounds, experiences, cultures and generations, all coming together to share our unique knowledge and experience.

What are the benefits of being a member? 
The biggest benefit is being a part of a community that recognizes the value in understanding and educating each other on diversities that can lead to a greater respect for others.  PDIG members also believe that both diversity and inclusion increase the richness of ideas, creative power, and problem-solving ability. PDIG provides an opportunity to be involved with multiple committees and working groups to create an IECA culture of approachability and inclusion.  This applies to Professional, Gender, Cultural, Generational diversities. 

Who are welcome to join?- EVERYONE!  Each individual brings a unique perspective based on their life experience and background, which may lead to different approaches and tips for managing credit related risks and working with business partners.

PDIG is focused on:

Identifying and developing a diverse group of leaders within the IECA membership

Working with various committees and groups to identify a diverse group of presenters, moderators and volunteers

Opportunities to eliminate barriers to diversity whether structural or perceptual

Creating a culture where members talk openly about diversity.

If you are interested in joining or have any questions about PDIG, please e-mail!

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