Professionals for Diversity and Inclusion Group (PDIG)


Naeem Jones
Castleton Commodities International LLC (CCI)
Angela Marie Rodriguez
Consumers Energy

The IECA Professionals for Diversity and Inclusion Group (PDIG) can be joined by ANY IECA member to stay in-touch with PDIG initiatives, events, calls, and upcoming opportunities.  The PDIG Committee is a volunteer group including a Chair, Vice-Chair and Board liaison that takes a larger roll in establishing initiatives and responsibilities for PDIG throughout the year. 


PDIG is a diverse group comprised of energy professionals from different backgrounds, experiences, cultures and generations, all coming together to share unique knowledge and experience. With a diverse IECA membership base, PDIG seeks to enhance the member experience through education and networking forums to celebrate different ideas. Each of us brings unique perspectives based on our life experiences and background which may lead to different approaches and tips for managing credit related risks and working with business partners. PDIG seeks to provide forums to share these experiences and expand the energy professional’s toolkit.

PDIG focuses on different topics related to the following categories:

Professional Diversity | Gender Diversity | Cultural Diversity | Generation Diversity

PDIG Committee Annual Projects/Responsibilities: 

  • Develop a group forum, format, and atmosphere to enable energized discussion, generation of ideas and educational development between both new and experienced professionals
  • Provide  networking opportunities for IECA members interested in diverse topics and how it affects their professional careers
  • Be a conduit for exposure to the broader IECA organization and its members

The PDIG group will work with EVP Heather Buerger to determine these requirements.  The Chair or Vice-Chair will ensure meetings are scheduled, maintain a current roster of members.

  • Monthly Meetings
  • Publicize group to IECA Membership
  • Establish annual schedule of events
  • Coordinate all conference calls and or meetings
  • Coordinate events and activities with EVP-North America
  • Create meeting agendas, record meeting minutes, and maintain posting of such on an ongoing basis

Delivery of educational content may include but is not limited to the following:

  • IECA Conference sessions
  • Off-Conference live training
  • Webinars & Distance Learning Opportunities
  • Networking opportunities and events (to include local and regional gatherings)
  • Career development - educational tools and documentation
  • Database of members to allow informal mentoring
  • Promote the IECA mentoring program

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