United States Reg. Ed. Committee Member

Committee Member
Start/End Dates

IECA member located within the United States. 


Mark Holler, Co-Chair
Becky Burgess, Co-Chair


An IECA Committee is a volunteer group including a Chair, Vice-Chair, EVP of North America and Board liaison (along with the other committee members) that takes a larger roll in establishing initiatives and responsibilities for the group throughout the year.


One year. 

  • Develop a group forum, format, and atmosphere to enable energized discussion, generation of ideas, and educational opportunity development
  • Publicize group to IECA Membership, be a voice of IECA and the committee to members 
  • Help plan and facilitate annual events, webinars, Q&A calls, and carry out committee/education group initiatives
  • Coordinate events and activities with EVP- North America (Heather Buerger) and U.S. REC Committee Chair Christy Brinkman and Vice-Chair, Paul Heikkila. 
  • Vote on important committee topics and sessions for the IECA Spring and Annual Conferences, as well as other U.S. regional events. 
  • Help carry out group/committee initiatives throughout the 2022 year
  • Attend monthly hour committee calls as scheduled
Qualifications for Service

IECA active membership through 2021-2022.

Time Commitment
Larger Commitment/Monthly Call (up to 40 hours total/per year)
Experience Required


United States Education Committee