Start/End Dates

Remote (webinar, Q&A Call) or at event location convenient. Location TBD for all moderation needed. If you have a topic that you think would be great for an IECA webinar, Q&A or seminar, please apply for consideration. Please note which education group you belong to, if any. 


Heather Buerger, IECA EVP North America


Each IECA education group is expected to put on at least one (1) webinar per year, and hold Q&A calls as well. There are also many IECA seminars and lunch and learns throughout the year, so speaker ideas are always welcome. If you have a great topic or know of a speaker for an IECA webinar, Q&A or event, please apply or nominate someone here. 


As needed. 

  • Speak at IECA event, webinar, Q&A call, etc. with a relevant topic to IECA and the industry. 
  • Nominate a speaker/topic for IECA event, webinar, Q&A call, etc. 
Qualifications for Service

IECA active membership through 2022.

Time Commitment
Short Task (a few hours)
Volunteers Needed
Experience Required

Depending on event/platform, speaking experience may be needed. Each speaking event will vary (whether it be a Q&A or a live-session).