Student Membership



IECA Student Membership

IECA has implemented a student membership group as an additional member type to grow the value for both students and members. Below are some of the details and the mission of the group. If you are a student, or professor at a university and have any questions, or would like additional information about this group, please contact

Our aim is to assist students in finding a path to employment in the risk management, finance or legal realm within the Energy industry.


  • Student- Forum for networking, insider industry knowledge and education
  • Universities- Guest speakers from the IECA pool, further education for students;
  • IECA Member Companies- Pool of students for work placements, potential future employees;


  • Requirement:  Must be a ‘full time’ student, registered in a college or university within the risk, finance, business, economic, accounting, or legal departments

Full time is defined: your main profession is as a student, not a full-time employee taking classes on a part-time basis

Cost:  $30


  • Access to the full IECA Website, Job Board, Products and Services Directory, member contacts, webinars and events.
  • Events throughout the year (internationally!)
  • Access to the Credit Risk Management Certification Program (CRMCP) designation
  • Access to the IECA Resource Library which houses over 700 educational resources

JOIN NOW by clicking the link then follow the directions for student members.