CFTC Filings

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  1. IECA Comment on Cost-Benefit Analyses _End-User (as filed) 5-23-12
  2. IECA Comment on Cost-Benefit Analyses _Swap Defn_ (as filed) 5-23-12
  3. IECA Comment on Cost-Benefit Analyses-Swap Dealer Definition (as filed with CFTC) 4-12-12
  4. IECA Comment on Trade Option Exemption 6-26-12 (as filed)
  5. IECA comments CFTC End-User NOPR (as filed) 2-22-11
  6. IECA Comments CFTC NOPR RIN 3038-AC96 Swap Trading Relationship Documentation (as filed) 4-11-11
  7. IECA Comments on SD Definitions NOPR (as filed with CFTC) 2-22-11
  8. IECA comments Real-Time Reporting RIN3038-AD08 (as filed) 2-7-11
  9. IECA comments Swap Data Reporting RIN3038-AD19 (as filed) 2-7-11
  10. IECA Comments-CFTC NOPR Further Definition of Swap RIN3038-AC96 (as filed) 7-28-11
  11. IECA Comments-CFTC NOPRs Capital & Margin Reqs RIN3038-AC97 & RIN3038-AD54 (as filed) 7-28-11
  12. Part13.2 Petition of IECA-SwapDealerRule (as filed) 7-20-12

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