Conference Call Etiquette: Tips for a Mobile and International World

Conference Call Etiquette: Tips for a Mobile and International World

May 9, 2016

It never fails. You call into a conference call for a meeting with a committee, business associate, counterparty or coworkers, and somehow you become distracted by other business or items on your desk and accidentally put the call on hold. The other attendees are left listening to your hold music while you frantically try to get the phone off of hold. Avoid conference call faux pas such as these with the following tips:

1. Before the call begins, clear your desk from anything distracting, push away your keyboard and be prepared to participate in the call.

2. While listening, place the call on mute. You’ll be able to respond to people approaching you in the office if needed, and type freely without other call attendees being distracted by a clacking keyboard.

3. Introduce yourself the first time you speak, if you are not the host.

4. If you are using the speaker option on your phone and you need to speak, pick up the receiver so everyone can hear you.

5. If your work space is in an open area, try to arrange to take the call in a conference room so that your coworkers are not attending the call with you. If that isn’t possible, make sure to use your receiver.

6. If you find you need to take a call via your cell phone, try to take the call where you will have reception. You don’t want anyone to miss what you are saying.

7. Follow and keep an agenda; this will allow for an efficient call.

8. Follow the conversation and pay attention; you never know when someone will ask you a question.

9. Be on time.