A Message from the IECA on Diversity & Inclusion

A Message from the IECA on Diversity & Inclusion


The IECA values diversity and equality within the association, workplace, and community.  We’re committed to holding ourselves accountable, listening, and learning. We have always prided ourselves on informing our members of the latest energy credit trends, however recent events have reminded us of the importance of educating ourselves on topics that connect us on a human level, not just a professional one.

In 2017 we expanded the mission of the Professional Women in Energy Group (PWEG) to focus on all types of diversity.  As such, it was renamed to the Professionals for Diversity and Inclusion Group (PDIG). PDIG consists of volunteers from all backgrounds who meet monthly to promote the importance of diversity and inclusionary practices and generate content for educational events that bring these issues to light. It’s time for us to take a more active stance on these issues.

On behalf of the IECA Board of Directors, we are committed to making diversity and inclusion a priority for our association and being part of the change. you’re interested in learning how you can take an active role in this change, please reach out to Chair, Naeem Jones, and Vice-Chair, Angela Rodriguez of PDIG to help determine the IECA's path forward on this initiative.

Michael Dutka
President, IECA