FYI Series

FYI Series

The IECA is Proud to Present Its New Monthly Email Series:
For Your Information ("FYI")

The FYI series will highlight a different subject each month regarding the value that the IECA offers to its members including:

Education & Resources
Special Features – What the IECA is working on (publications, opinions, quarterly and annual updates)
IECA Committee features – who they are and what they strive to accomplish
Volunteer opportunities

Members can expect to see the ‘IECA- FYI series’ of emails on a monthly basis, purely serving as a resource for referencing and informational purposes.

Please see below FYI Series publications.

June 2018: The IECA and Social Media

Did you know that the IECA is active in Social Media?

The IECA staff, together with IECA volunteers, have been diligently updating social media on behalf of the IECA to help create a greater understanding of the Association and the value the IECA has to offer.

In October 2017, a video was created and posted to YouTube, focusing on the real value that the IECA has provided to professionals at different times in their career. You may even recognize a few of the volunteers as they make their cameo appearance! View the video HERE.

As social media continues to expand, the IECA endeavors to integrate the Association into the social media world.

Be sure and follow our new IECA Company Page on LinkedIn!

Our Facebook page features a lot of great photos!

Twitter is a resource for timely tidbits.

Check out our social media pages and join the conversation!! If you’re interested in volunteering for the initiatives, please contact us!

May 2017: Online Resource Library


Did you know that the IECA has an online Resource Library?

The Resource Library is a valuable tool available to all IECA members to promote information sharing, continuing education and to provide access to valuable information issued by the IECA.  The Resource Library is located on the IECA website and consists of the following resource types:
Past Conference Presentations
Seminar & Webinar Presentations
Publications (i.e. Insights, Journal, Annual Report)
IECA branded forms (i.e. Master Netting Agreement, Standby Letter of Credit)
IECA Opinions and External Publications as more.

March 2017: The 4 Pillars of IECA
Do you know what the 4 pillars of the IECA are and what they mean to the association?

Through the 4 pillars (the core segments of the IECA) it is the Board’s mission to ensure that the IECA is properly positioned to serve its membership, provide the most value and ensure sound association governance. Through strategic planning initiatives, the Board of Directors identifies areas of risk, improvement, and opportunities which have translated to 4 strategic pillars...Read more.

February 2017: Antitrust Statement
Did you know that the IECA has an Antitrust Statement that governs Member conduct with respect to exhibiting and exemplifying ethical behaviors while participating in IECA activities?

What is an Antitrust Statement, how is it used, and why is it important? ...Read more.