IECA Webinar: Unconscious Bias in the Work Place

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IECA Webinar: Unconscious Bias in the Work Place

Presented by the Professionals for Diversity and Inclusion Group (PDIG)


IECA Webinar - Unconscious Bias in the Work Place 

Presented by the Professionals for Diversity and Inclusion Group (PDIG)


Discover within ourselves and our organization how we are affected by preconceived notions. Learn to recognize and prevent these common obstacles towards a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Learning Objectives: Unconscious bias in the work place is a barrier to an equal workforce.  Discover and mitigate bias present in all of us to create awareness and learn to navigate these.


Natalia Verkhovtseva, PhD.  Sr. Northern Region PGeology Manager at Halliburton Group Canada.

Stephanie Plante, HR Operations Supervisor at Halliburton Group Canada

Amani El-Alayli,  PhD, Professor of Psychology for Eastern Washington University

Moderator: Fariha Nawshin, Clearing Risk Analyst, NGX


Thursday, February 15
12:00 PM Eastern Time, 10 AM Mountain Time

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