Navigating Supply Chain ESG & Climate Risks and Opportunities


1000 Tournament Players Club Blvd
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082
United States

October 18, 2022
Event Type
Annual Conference
Alejandra Caro Rincon

Measuring the ESG and climate impacts of supply chains can be a complex and timeconsuming process, especially for large, global, and multisector portfolios. The Covid19 pandemic and the RussiaUkraine military conflict have further evidenced the need for prescreening alternative suppliers in real time. In this session, we’ll present how Moody’s awardwinning ESG and climate solutions can quickly and consistently help uncover risks and opportunities across the supplier network by reviewing case study examples for managing existing suppliers, screening new suppliers, and peer benchmarking to identify top/worst performing suppliers and find opportunities to grow your business

Learning Objectives: Gain an understanding of how to obtain ESG score estimates and climate data for any company in the world, even small and medium size enterprises (SMEs), with location, sector, and size data.