IECA: New Member Welcome Presentation

November 28, 2018
Jessica Hall

To welcome new members to the IECA family, we rolled out a new and exciting initiative this year: the IECA New Member Presentation!

This is a fun and exciting interactive live presentation on everything IECA for our new members! Get to know and chat with some of our education and interest group chairs and leaders, and learn a little bit more abouIECA: what we do, who we are, and all of the exciting ways to get and stay connected in the industry! 

This is a great way to get up-to-speed on the Association while learning about all the in's and out's, and also an opportunity to speak to some IECA leaders in an open forum!

We will be sending an email update for the next live presentation. 

Below is the presentation as a PDF, as well as the LINK to live recorded presentation.