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Trade Credit Insurance

Euler Hermes' core offering protects companies' receivables from unforeseen buyer defaults both in the U.S. and abroad.  With a credit insurance policy in place, companies from all segments of the energy supply chain are able to aggressively grow sales to new and existing buyers without increasing risk on their balance sheet.

Transactional Cover Unit (TCU)

Euler Hermes' TCU safeguards investments in foreign markets against unpredictable losses due to specified political risk perils.  This type of insurance extends peace of mind against major receivables losses that may occur due to hight-impact events such as contract interruption, non-payment, confiscation, political violence, etc.  This coverage enables energy companies to take advantage of attractive investment, financing, and trade opportunities in international markets.

Excess of Loss (XoL)

Energy companies typically have mature and robust internal credit departments that can handle most credit underwriting scenarios.  But for certain large exposures, extra protection against extraordinary, unpredictable loss is critical for the balance sheet.  That's where an XoL policy comes in.  XoL provides long-term, non-cancellable coverage limits and a program designed for a company's specific needs.  With the ability to manage credit risk through a tailored program and a dedicated team of strategic risk underwriters, energy companies can improve their balance sheet efficiency, which translates into safe and successful growth.

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