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CubeLogic enables companies to identify, anticipate and manage enterprise risk, to protect against losses that might threaten an organisation if left unaddressed. We’re a team of highly experienced software engineers, business analysts and experts in compliance, credit and market risk who have built the RiskCubed platform to provide solutions to the energy, commodities and financial services sectors.

 As experts in risk, we understand the complexity of managing risk from credit and market exposures, in overseeing collateral and meeting regulatory obligations in terms of compliance. That is why customers choose to work with our consultancy arm and why we don’t outsource, preferring to keep our excellent customer support and Professional Services in-house.

Our mission is to turn customer challenges into opportunities, since effective risk management and compliance tools have critical roles to play. It also ensures the long-term stability of the global financial system, something we actively promote through our work with industry bodies.

 RiskCubed’s powerful engines and complex analytics produce best practice metrics for users to understand risk exposure at an enterprise, portfolio or granular level. They are designed to turn risk management and compliance into engines of value creation, since more accurate pricing of risk allows organisations to optimise operations, improve capital efficiency for driving returns and reduce time to market for new products and services

 Our flexible self-service tools operate with real-time functionality for a rapidly changing and volatile world, whether evaluating “at risk” measures, analysing MTM, PnL and sensitivity, or carrying out stress test simulations for exposures. Our transaction surveillance and position limit monitors are tailored for the complexities of the energy and commodity sectors, making RiskCubed the trusted platform for the sector’s biggest names. RiskCubed presents immediate synergies for financial services companies with complex credit and market risk exposures across multiple asset classes. 

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