Mentoring Program

Mentoring Program


Have you ever wished there was someone who could give you objective advice about industry, workplace, career or leadership issues?  Someone who is knowledgeable, experienced, but not necessarily in your organization?  At the IECA we have many members who have been in the energy industry for years.  These individuals have learned to be successful through a variety of experiences, and they possess a broad spectrum of expertise.  You can now tap into these resources through IECA's Mentoring Program.

All persons interested in participating in the Mentoring Program are encouraged to complete an application (Mentee Application or Mentor Application) no later than Friday, April 20 2018.  Applications should be returned to The Leadership Development Committee (LDC) will endeavor to match needs of prospective mentees with the expertise of prospective mentors. Each Mentor will be given resource materials to guide the initial interaction so that their Mentee can develop goal/objective to be achieved during the following months. Throughout the program, there will be several touchpoints: 

May -- Pairs notified & kickoff call
June -- Individualized follow up with each pair
July/August -- Webinar
Annual Conference -- Participant networking event (optional)
December -- Program closes & feedback call/survey

Success of the Mentoring Program depends on engaged participation by Mentors and Mentees. Mentors will benefit by sharing their knowledge and experiences, as well as by practicing and further developing leadership skills. Mentees will benefit by receiving guidance derived from years of experience, objective observation, and one-on-one attention. Take advantage of this opportunity to improve your skills and prepare for the next level of leadership.

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