Credit Analytics Education Group (CAEG)

Credit Analytics Education Group (CAEG)


Credit Analytics Education Group
Chair: Robert Markham, Southern Company Services
Vice-Chair: Bryce Pippitt, Superior Natural Gas Corporation

The Credit Analytics Education Group (CAEG) is a recently formed educational group to help identify and promote core energy credit educational analytics fundamentals and trends for energy and risk management professionals across the globe.

The Credit Analytics Education Group will focus on the fundamentals of effective credit and risk management in the global energy industry. Specifically, the general understanding and effective monitoring of counter-party credit dynamics and risk measurements. An important charge for the Credit Analytics Group is to provide credit risk management professionals with education on the fundamentals of credit risk management, advanced leading indicators for potential credit defaults, and industry trends across the vast corporate structures of the energy industry. The group will look to develop a forum, format and atmosphere that will facilitate energized discussion, generation of ideas, and educational development, as well as look to create and design educational content through events, models, and templates.

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